Bacchi Espresso

last update 08/01/2014 16:19:52

The only patented espresso coffee machine that can provide a water pressure of 9 bars just using an external source of heat.

Immagine caffe motive

If you long for the pleasure of a superior espresso in which the forces of nature alone concur in creating a unique and unmistakable taste, Bacchi Espresso is your choice. Caffemotive’s world patented creation combines an advanced technology with aircraft materials to provide you with a tasting pleasure you have never experienced before.
Today, if no bar tenders are available, you can have all that by using the “Bacchi Espresso” machine comfortably at home. ?That innovative machine operates according to a new system that can multiply the pressure, obtains the correct thermal conduction and can reproduce the conditions achieved by means of a professional espresso machine.

Technical specifications
weight: 2.250 Kg?
dimensions (HxLxD): 245x175x150 mm?
basic material: Peraluman 30 aluminium alloy (for food use)?
surface protection treatment: anodising?
working temperature: approx. 90°C?
working pressure: 9bar

Technical details
Bacchi Espresso is a highly technological creation. If you wish to see how it works, click here