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The espresso coffee production system

Become an expert in the art of making an espresso with the 3rd updated reprint with new contents and graphics. Over 100 explanatory illustrations more than 100 photos, nearly 200 pages n a double Ital ...


Inox semi professional coffee grinder

One of the fundamental elements for a perfect espresso is the quality and degree of grinding, along with the quality and freshness of the roasted coffee. CONICO is a semi-professional grinder that ele ...


Espresso coffee machine

Machine equipped with one boiler unit for two separate espresso pouring units. The machine can also work with ground coffee, E.S.E. pods or capsules, if requested. A special dual-function unit for ...

Desiderio Blend

Arabica and robusta blend, rich in body and long aftertaste.

The persistence is long and the consistency particularly high. The aroma is rich and elegant, with notes of dark chocolate and flowers mixing with the typical fragrance of toasted bread. Flavou ...

Emozioni Blend

Arabica and robusta blend, sweet and bodied, rich in flavor.

Made of the best natural and washed Arabicas and of the precious washed Asian Robusta, it is the ideal blend for espresso professionals who look for a sweet and full bodied coffee. Thanks to the ca ...
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