The espresso coffee production system

last update 18/11/2014 10:03:55

Become an expert in the art of making an espresso with the 3rd updated reprint with new contents and graphics. Over 100 explanatory illustrations more than 100 photos, nearly 200 pages n a double Italian/English version. The amount of technical contents, the graphics, the many contributions by some of the greatest masters of the world of coffee and the presence of some of the most popular international companies of the business make this volume unique and indispensable. Now also available in the new German/Russian version.

The book is structured in 4 main chapters:

1 -Green
The coffee plant, secrets of harvesting and processing the berries

2 - Bag
The long journey of green coffee in jute bags, features of the beans and the specialists evaluating them

3 - Roasted
Roasting know-how and metamorphosis of the coffee bean

4 - Espresso
Italian technology for espresso coffee and golden rules for a perfect cup